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Allantoin is sourced naturally from the picturesque comfrey plant or derived synthetically from uric acid, this white powdered substance does sorcery on the skin to ward off dryness and repair it. It is therefore used in formulating moisturisers, creams, serums, lotion, and ointments to heal dry and cracked skin.

INCI name- Allantoin

Why you need it -

  • Predominantly used for its skin moisturizing benefits, it is documented to heal severely itchy, dry, and flaky skin.
  • It is mostly used to correct conditions like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis.
  • It is wielded as an oral wound healing agent.
  • It arrests transepidermal water loss and protects the skin.
  • Additionally, it encourages natural exfoliation in the skin’s outer layer.
  • It is known to increase cell turnover by synthesising collagen in the skin.


  • It is generally used at a concentration of 0.1%-2%.
  • It is soluble in water, ethanol, and alcohol but is insoluble in oils and non-polar solvents.

 Process of using -

  • Add to heated water phase along with other ingredients at 70o
  • Heat the oil phase separately and mix the ingredients in it.
  • Combine the mixtures at 40oC while stirring.
  • Stir until it becomes homogeneous.


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